1. General Information
  2. Membership Benefits
  3. Fees & Passes

Proof of Residency

Residents are determined by where they live. To receive the Richland Hills' resident rate, each adult will need to bring one of the following: 

  • State issued license or ID with current Richland Hills address.
  • Without a current address on your license, bring your license and a current mortgage statement, lease contract or water bill.
  • Children, ages 17 and younger, will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Facility Age Restrictions

The Link does have some age restrictions. Members have to be 14 to be on the Fitness Floor or in Group Exercise classes (unless otherwise noted). Children under 10 must be directly supervised by an adult. The Link does offer youth fitness and exercise classes for free.

Definition of a Family

The family pricing for residents and non-residents will be restricted to any parent or parenting couple and their legal dependents. This includes non-married couples who will both need to show residency for pricing. Non-dependents living at the same residence will have to get their own separate membership.