Where can I park?

Temporary event parking is available within the Oncor Power easement. Please enter on the east end in the 2800 block of Kingsbury Avenue near John Drive. Accessible parking is available on Rosebud Lane. On-street parking is limited throughout the neighborhood. Please enter at Kingbury Avenue/Pine Park Drive. Please use caution when walking or driving through the neighborhoods.

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1. Where and when is the event?
2. Who may attend?
3. Is there an admission fee?
4. What should I bring?
5. Where can I park?
6. Who can participate in the egg hunts?
7. Can I hunt eggs with my child?
8. Can I bring my dog?
9. What roads will be closed and when?
10. Will food or drinks be available?
11. When & where can I meet the Easter Bunny?
12. How can I be a vendor at the event?
13. How much does it cost to participate in event activities?
14. What happens if there is inclement weather the day of the event?
15. Where do I take my pet food donations?
16. What if I have more questions?