Sports Performance Programs

We're here to help build the confidence of young athletes on the field through correction, understanding and constant encouragement. We expect athletes to put in their best effort, bring a positive and coachable attitude, be willing to finish each drill, arrive on time and have all their necessary training gear. Our job is to help you achieve your goals!

SEEDS Volleyball

This training program is designed to introduce and enhance the technical fundamentals of volleyball, including footwork, efficiency, volleyball IQ, communication, teamwork, mental strength and leadership. Understanding these skills is essential to move to the next level. We teach athletes to ask, "What is the purpose?" when considering what to do in the moment and making the next move.

SEEDS Football

The football developmental program is a mix of skills and performance training designed to develop and enhance athletes' abilities on the football field. Training consists of fundamental skills like catching, footwork, and ball and route running. Performance training focuses on linear speed, agility and change of direction, which helps athletes become faster, stronger and more agile to stay a step ahead of the competition.


The perfect opportunity for you to get some time back and for your child to develop their overall athleticism through skills and drills. Apply for a scholarship!