Basketball Training

Looking to have your athlete improve their skills on and off the court?  Coach Mo works with players ages 8 to 18. He will transform your athlete into a well-rounded player and person. His experience playing professionally overseas, and in the NBA, will offer each player he works with a wealth of game knowledge and skill.  

Not only is Coach Mo interested in helping the athlete grow, he and his team can help off the court by having someone on his team working in the weightroom and on the track with your player to improve their strength, quickness, balance and conditioning.

Additionally, Coach Mo and his team are invested in the mental health and wellbeing of participating athletes. He will be offering a program to assist players finding balance and mental clarity as a high level competitor.

On Court Skills

This training will be defined as time spent on the court with Coach Mo. He will work on dribbling, passing, shooting and position skills, while incorporating footwork, balance and reaction time improvement training.


Players can add time on the fitness floor and track to work with a certified trainer to improve their physical attributes that impact on court play.

Mental Skills

Coach Mo and his team will work with your athlete to help improve their mental health and balance.